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You Want to be a Working Musician? Here's What You Should Know

Watch You Want to Be a Working Musician? Here's What You Need to Know
Willie Oteri shares what he's learned about what to focus on as a professional musician. 

You want to be a working musician, so here's what you should know.

How good are you? And you have to be really honest with yourself. Are you really good enough to be a super top level session player with some of the biggest acts in the world? Are you going to be happy being just in a good cover band that makes a lot of money?

Know music theory. Learn as much theory as you can. I learned a lot of theory a long time ago, but if you ask me about it now I probably couldn't recite it. But, what that does for you is it teaches your brain where to put your hands on your instrument. It just becomes automatic, magical, you hear something- if you listen well- you hear something and your hands go to the right place.

Also, you have to be willing to sacrifice certain lifestyles. Periods of not having a lot of money. Living in small apartments. Maybe never owning a new car. Maybe never being able to afford kids. But if you're willing to do that, you might hit a level where you can afford all those things. But at first, you need to make some sacrifices. As we mentioned a little bit earlier, don't worry about being a sellout in other people's minds because it's all music, and it's all better than just going to work every day for somebody else.

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