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How Do You Find a Good Public Relations Agent?

Watch How Do You Find a Good Public Relations Agent?
In this video Willie Oteri explains how he found a good public relations agent.


How do you find a good public relations agent to promote your products?
The way I found one was I asked around.

I wrote to other musicians that were famous musicians, even though I knew they didn't have a lot of time and that maybe I would never hear an answer back, and one of them wrote back to me right away and said, "Oh, for your style of music try-" this woman. And I went, "Okay, great!"

So then I looked at what she had online and I noticed she had done a lot of stuff in my vein in kind of progressive, areas of progressive rock, progressive jazz, jazz fusion, psychedelic stuff, things like that. And so it seemed a perfect fit.

So I called her, and I told her what I wanted to do and "How much is it?" She gave me a price, I said, "Is there a way we can knock some of that off?" And she goes, "If you do all the mailings, then it's-" less expensive. And so, I found it just by asking around, found the right person to work with.

And so far it's been good for like the last four albums. So, you gotta ask around.

And you gotta be willing to wait for the answer sometimes. If you write to a top musician in the world, who's in your same vein of music and you ask him, "Who promotes your albums?" It might take awhile before you hear back from them.

But, it's something that interests musicians is being asked about their own product and themselves. And in a way it's complementing them to ask them. So, they will answer, in most cases.

Last modified onFriday, 11 December 2015 04:13
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