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How Much Should You Ask to be Paid

Watch How Much Should You Ask to be Paid?
In this video Willie Oteri answers "How much should you ask to be paid?"

For a session, if you're pretty well known in town, seventy five or a hundred dollars a tune if they're not really long songs. Or, if it's a whole day in the studio, a few hundred dollars.

It's flexible. I think the last time I hired someone, I hired Scott Amendola to play on our second WD-41 album. That was four hundred dollars for everything, for the studio time and to pay him to record for the album. He probably got two hundred dollars from that, and the other two hundred went to the studio he recorded in.

You just have to mix it up, he teaches too. Everybody I know especially in the jazz market, teaches on the side. You teach, you have- it's good to have a supportive spouse- one that, she's not worried about the low times money wise. Session work, playing gigs, touring, selling your own CDs We'll get to that later, about putting out your own CDs or should you be on a label. But it all adds up to not a great living, but it's a fun living.

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