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What Makes Someone a Professional Musician?

Watch What Makes Someone a Professional Musician?
In this video Willie Oteri answers "What makes someone a professional musician?"

I was asked about how I identify myself as a professional musician.
What makes me think I'm professional, basically.
People usually think that means you've been paid. But to me a professional musician is someone who has devoted their life to music and has made sacrifices to do do that, and has worked really hard to fit in their little niche, wherever that is, in the world of music.

And work hard at it every day, pick up your instrument every day. I'll go sometimes months without practicing, I'm not a big practicer. But if I know I've got gigs coming up I try to practice every day. And I try to get new ideas. And I'm ready, If I'm going to be- I usually practice something everyday that would work on other people's projects. If I get a call to either record with someone, or a call to work as a side man at the last minute, or call to teach somebody something, I'm ready- I've got- my mind is already activated with that. And that's how I identify as a professional is basically I'm good at what I do, I know my limitations, and I'm ready to go.

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