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What a Professional Expects from Other Musicians

Watch What a Professional Expects from Other Musicians
In this video Willie Oteri tells us what he, as a professional musician, expects from fellow musicians.

As a band leader, or even as a side man too-working in certain situations- -what do I expect from other musicians?
Professionalism. And to sum that up it's timely, being on time. For me -I'm always early to a gig, always early, never just right on time or late. I'm just always early. And I think that helps me get a whole vibe for the venue, the other musicians I'm going to be working with, etc.

And what I expect if I've hired a musician to be a side man for me: I expect them to be on time, I expect them to know--if they're gonna be improvisors--I expect them to really know what that means. And that means listening more than playing. Really knowing how to listen is important for improvisation. If it's pre written music I expect them to know the music before they get there. I don't want people staring at charts, I think-I just don't like how that looks if you're staring at a laptop or a chart on stage, it just doesn't look good to me. So I expect you to know the material. And I'll give you plenty of time with that.

So, if you're going to be a good side man, learn how to negotiate getting the material ahead of time from the person who hired you. Whatever that takes. Do you need to get it by e mail? Do you need to drive to the guy's house to get some charts? Get a recording. But learn the material.

Be professional. Put the time in. That's what I expect from musicians.
And I hope people expect that from me because that's how I am. I'm thorough.

Last modified onFriday, 11 December 2015 04:13
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