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Shameless Self Promotion

Watch Shameless Self Promotion
In this video Willie Oteri discusses the vital importance of self promotion as a professional musician.

I was asked about self promotion, and it's often termed shameless self promotion. 

And I was wondering, what's shameless about promoting yourself?
I mean, if you're a musician and you've wanted to be a musician all of your life, and you start playing music live- before you're going to get your first gig you're going to promote yourself, right? To somebody.

Promoting yourself beyond that for your live shows, your recordings, etc is just an extension of how you started in the first place. I don't like that term, shameless self promotion, I like self promotion. I think it's very important. It's how you get gigs in the first place, it's how you'll always continually get gigs. It's how you're going to get a name for yourself to get auditions to work with bigger names, all of that.

I had touched on using professional public relations people, professional promoters, professional booking agents but you can do a lot of it yourself. And you should. And you should get good at it. Learn how to do it and there really isn't anything shameless about it.

So, if you're out there trying to make it yourself and you're a band leader, you're the one hiring other musicians- you really need to learn how get your stuff into publications, magazines, on Facebook, etc, other social media- and how to do it without offending people, how to do it without looking like you're bragging- for one thing. For me what's worked is just being honest and being myself and I'm kind of sometimes just straight ahead with it, no bullshit, no hype really. Just, this is where we're going to be--and then link to something that describes you more, your bio, etc.

And the other thing thing that's worked for me is just kind of being friendly about it, like joking sometimes about it. Like how you would with a friend if you're sitting talking to them about a gig that you have coming up, something like that.

Self promotion is important. And it takes as much practice as practicing your own instrument. You can get really good at it. I've gotten to the point where I've been hired by other musicians and bands to do it for them, but I still recommend, if you can afford it, to hire someone who's been doing it for a long time with some major names and major labels and stuff because- it's worth every penny. But you still have to do some self promotion.

So, shameless self promotion if somebody wants to say it's shameless, so be it.

Last modified onFriday, 11 December 2015 04:12
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