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How Do You Find a Booking Agent?

Watch How do you find a booking agent?
In this video Willie Oteri quickly explains how to find a booking agent.

Finding a booking agent, that's tough.
There's some people advertising--you can go through your local Musician's Union. Your local Musician's Union usually will have a list of booking agents. And Craig's List, nowadays. In the old days it was tough to find-- you had to do word of mouth. Now you can use --there's people on Craig's List saying "I'm a booking agent."

In Texas you have to watch out because there's no --anybody can be a booking agent. Some states they actually have to be licensed.

Don't sign any contracts with them, exclusive contracts, test them out, see what kind of gigs they get you.

Last modified onFriday, 11 December 2015 04:12
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