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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Booking Agent

Watch How much does it cost to get a booking agent?
In this video Willie Oteri tells us what to expect to pay a booking agent.

Katie Neeley, "How much does it cost to get a bookiing agent, what should someone expect to pay?"

Willie Oteri, "Booking agents will work for a percentage, in most cases. They'll take 15 or 20% off the top."

Katie Neeley, "Now, Are they taking fifteen to twenty percent out of what the gig is paid overall?"

Willie Oteri:
Yeah, some bars pay a percentage of the bar and what comes in the door, which is the best way to go-- like you get five or ten percent of the bar. Some of the more popular bands here in town can make a couple thousand dollars a night. They're usually cover bands but they bring in enough people at ten bucks apiece, they bring in a few hundred people-- it's good money.

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Thanks to KD Neeley of ZiADiA for putting this series together!


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