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How to Make a Living as a Musician

Watch How to Make a Living as a Musician
In this video Willie Oteri talks more about how to make a living as a professional musician.

Let's talk for a bit about making a living as a musician-- getting back to making a living as a musician.
You love music. You want to be a professional musician. You want to make a living as a musician.

There are a lot of people in this world from recordings from as far back as there were recordings who worked as side men on some of the biggest most well known records in the world who you've probably never known by name. But, they were paid really well to come into studios and play these parts on some of the most famous records.

If you're young and you've got the kind of ego that you-- Another thing I should say is these people on their own had their own good side projects that were known in their own towns, and were some of the top acts in LA and New York etc-- But they were happy with that, and didn't have to have their name be known as the super famous world person whose album they played on, but they made a very comfortable living.

One of the most famous ones: base player, and she had children she had to take care of, she had a couple of kids, she was single, she needed to make a good living, she could play bass really well, and she's played on- you probably know who I'm talking about - she's played on so many recordings over the years it's, it's just incredible. Stuff-- I mean-- one of the best bass players in the world. And she just went ahead and didn't worry about if her name got out there-- she took the cash. And that's how she made a good living. And now she gets to have her name out there. She's done a bunch of records under her own name. She writes books about all of it, and the history of all of it. From my viewpoint that's not a bad life to have. That's fun.

If your ego is so big that you think you're going to be the next rock star, the next super guitar guy or whatever-- again you probably, maybe should re-evaluate.

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