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How Do You Find and Choose Musicians to Work With

Watch How Do You Find and Choose Musicians to Work With?
In this video Willie Oteri discusses how to find, choose, and audition musicians to work with.

How do you pick musicians you want to work with? -or that you would want to audition for certain projects? -or for recordings and stuff. For me, I spend a lot of time going out and watching other musicians.

If you're not in a town where you can do that then hopefully the musicians you want to work with have some videos and you can watch to see if they're a good fit.

But I really like to see somebody live, myself. That's the main thing to me. -and see if- I can tell in five minutes if they'll be a good fit or not. And that's just experience. I size them up sort of by -if they're trying to be flashy and show all their chops in every tune, that's not a guy I want because that's somebody who's not going to listen -that's somebody who's just gonna go to the front of the stage and try to show you how flashy-how-great he is.

And what you need is somebody who's going to really listen and fit into the performance and make that a great performance, a great -it's a team thing. And it has to all fit. You all have to mind meld into this thing. It's going to have to just work.

So I want to know that musicians don't have super big egos. And I'll tell you right now some of the best names that I've worked with in this industry, in this business -whatever you want to call it, have been the nicest. mellow, easy to work with people there is. There's like -Miles Davis once said if somebody's talking a lot of shit that means they can't play shit. And that's basically it. If they're good they don't need to talk shit, it's gonna be good.

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