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Build Your Catalog

Watch Build Your Catalog
In this video Willie Oteri talks about building up your catalog.

Another thing to do is think about building up your catalog over the years. Your hard copy product, your CD's- if you're gonna do vinyl like people do nowadays. Your written music that can be used for film, for TV, and just your own original material being out there.

I've been putting out my own product since '98. That led to me getting signed to a Japanese label in 2003 I was signed to DIW Records in Japan. And that was a big chunk of money -bingo- as front money -and royalties that I haven't really seen much of yet. But it also led to getting some songs in Japanese television and that was some money coming in. That's the only thing I only did one album for them.

After that, when I formed WD-41 with Dave we decided to do it ourselves because we get -we can pocket seventy five percent of what we sell for our CDs. -Where if you're with a label they might pay you a dollar a CD, but when we sell our own CDs through CD Baby or Abstract Logix, places like that that are online distribution, we get like eleven dollars for each CD (If we sell it for $15 we get $11).

So that's the way to go. We can even sell it for less at our shows, we can sell them for five or ten dollars and we're still making money. -Because we end up spending about three dollars to make one, minus our time of countless hours of rehearsal and whatever.

Going with a label is good because it got me a lot of gigs in Italy, in Europe because it was a decent size Japanese jazz label. -So that worked really good for getting gigs but then after that I didn't really need a label -I was kind of already at a level where I could do it myself, so I decided to do it myself.

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