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How do you Produce Your Own Music

Watch How do you Produce Your Own Music
In this video Willie Oteri talks about recording your own music and how to prepare before going into a recording studio. 

I have recorded two albums right here with my duo, WD-41.
-But that's only two pieces, but I've recorded them right here in my living room, with very limited equipment.

If you need a full studio -best thing is to be as rehearsed as possible so you really know each other -if you're gonna be doing improv especially- or be really -pick good musicians that can improvise then you won't have to rehearse quite as much.

But if it's songs, have them down really really good so you can go into a studio -lockout studio time for a few hundred dollars a day- and in a couple of days you can make -if you're good- it's got to come across as good -you have to be honest with yourself because it's not going to sound good if it's not good.

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