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Why Bother With a Recording Studio

Watch Why Bother With a Recording Studio?
In this video Willie Oteri discusses some of the benefits of working with a professional recording studio and also talks about the challenges, possibilities, and limitations of self-producing your own music at home.

We're talking again about recording and producing your own music and getting it there for everyone. Taking it from your original idea to this, the product that is actually out there.
It's very involved.

You can go to school, learn how to record yourself, buy a lot of gear. Do it yourself -a lot of people do it that way. Nowadays with a good laptop, and some software, and some good microphones you can do a lot of it in your home.

For me, in experience other than working with my duo here in my home, when it's full sized bands I've always had a better experience with going to a major studio because they -a well known studio in your hometown, it doesn't have to be a major, big, giant studio. I mean you're talkin' I'm talkin' three hundred dollars a day to five hundred dollars day for somebody who's really experienced, a good engineer, can mix you really well, they know how to isolate the instruments, they can produce the right fundamentals sound wise, they can capture the right moment.

Why you use a professional studio? It's mainly because you get professionals with -if you need a producer- self produced is not always the best way because you're not going to pick the best performance necessarily.

But hiring good producers is also another expense it can be thousands of dollars. A lot of times some of these studios the people are producers that own these studios, it comes along with the package. Self produced things, some of my self produced things have done well too but I've learned a lot about production -all the fundamentals, the sounds, all that, it's a lot of study, that I've -time I've put into it.

So you need to really think about the limitations, how much your budget is, what you can do, how good of a product you want. And focus on just putting out singles if you can't afford to do a whole album. Do an EP of a few singles. Or just put out one great tune that's produced and recorded really really well. That's a good way to look at it if you're on a budget. And then try to get your name out and sell, and get some money, to do a full album.

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