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What Do You Do After You're Done in the Recording Studio

Watch What to do After You're Done in the Recording Studio?
In this video Willie Oteri discusses the need for a good mastering engineer and the mind-set to keep when producing your own music. 

Okay so you've recorded something.
You have recordings, you need to get them out.
You need to sell them.

Again, we get back to the self promotion, that's important.

We also have to produce the CD. You have to get it mastered by a good mastering engineer. -Unless you really feel confident of doing that yourself. I've done it a couple times but for -for duos it's fine -for more pieces you really need a lot, there's a lot more frequencies, fundamentals going on there that you need a really good mastering engineer to do that.

That's gonna be pricey. That's a bit of an expense. That's five hundred to a thousand dollars. You have to have a budget. You need to block out a budget -again sacrificing other parts of your life so you can budget that in. But you have to think about -if it's going to be a good product and you can market it well it's going to sell. You'll get your money back. I've broken even on almost everything I've ever done and I'm making money off them now because it's already paid for itself.

As far as producing your own product that's probably more about having your stuff really prepared before you even go into the studio, and really knowing what you want to do, and knowing your market. Is this gonna -are you gonna be doing it just because you really really enjoy it? Maybe there's not a market for it. Or are you trying to copy something that's gonna sell because it's popular now? I think, personally, that's the wrong way to go.

You really should do where your heart is and promote it the best you can. There's always people out there to sell to who will enjoy it. There's so many people in the world, there's enough people to enjoy your music. If you're worried about being famous that's not necessarily the way to go. You want to produce your music and record it thinking that it's what you really wanna to do, it's your art form.

It's like painting. -If you want to paint portraits for over the top of somebody's sofa ugly house that's one thing. If you want to just do something that's coming totally out of you as art -just do what you want to do. Put that onto tape. Put that on CD. That's the way to do it.

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