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Guitar Prices and Dead Musicians

Watch Guitar Prices and Dead Musicians
In this video Willie Oteri discusses guitar prices and quality and talks about his observation of price inflation patterns guitar companies impose after the dead of famous musicians.

Another thing I was kind of joking about with somebody the other day was about -like a certain guitar is only worth a certain amount until someone dead has played it.

You know, a Stratocaster for example, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughen are both dead so Stratocasters cost a certain -I remember when you could buy a Stratocaster -I'm giving away my age but of course I look old in this- I remember when you could buy a Stratocaster with a case for one hundred and twenty five dollars. Now, a thousand bucks and you still need a case. -Ya know, that's just how it goes.

But Les Pauls -things like that -they're just way too expensive for what they really are anymore. There are so many guitars out there now especially good guitars coming from Korea -and I know there's some of my friends right now who used to work for guitar companies here in the states that are freaking out because I'm talking about buying an Asian made instrument. But the quality is incredible -really really really incredible.

When I was in Japan touring I went into some of these little shops -and the instruments in there that looked like some of the top line Fenders and top line Gibsons and they were all copies made in different parts of Asia and they were incredible. The workmanship was incredible. They played well, they sounded good, so -you're talkin like three, four hundred dollars instead of three or four thousand dollars for an instrument that sounds good when it's what you need.

-And you save that -again save that money and use that for promotion, hiring promotors, public relations people. Get your name out there. Then, get your name out there -then you can get another -you can treat yourself to nicer instrument.

I have a guitar here that's a really expensive acoustic -it's got a custom top on it -and I had it made custom and I really love it and it sounds great. But, it doesn't really sound much better than some other acoustics I've just grabbed out of a shop for cheap. So, learn to pick them out. Get an ear for it.

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