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Identity and Self Promotion

Watch Identity and Self Promotion
In this video Willie Oteri discusses questions related to identity when you're a musician with both your own projects and you're working as a side-man on other projects.

Something I haven't really done that much of over the years is be a constant side man and then having my own projects on the side -I've usually had my own projects then I'm a side man. But I was asked about how do you identify -If you have all these different identities -projects you've worked in and they're not necessarily using your name to promote the projects.

Usually, for people I know that want to keep their name out there they go ahead and when a project they've worked on or a band they've toured with or something gets videos up or something like that -they link to it and link it all to their Facebook and other Twitter you know everything your social programs and network it.

It's more about, again, self promotion. Keeping your name out there, make sure your name is identified with these bands that are touring acts and are doing good. And I don't think anybody's going to have a problem with that. If you're working with a bandleader that has a problem with that -then maybe it's not- If he's paying you well, fine. Otherwise go ahead and link to all of it, promote yourself.

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Thanks to KD Neeley of ZiADiA for putting this series together!

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