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How Many Guitars Do You Need

Watch Why More Than One Guitar?
In this video Willie Oteri answers the question, "Why more than one guitar?". 

An interesting question I was asked was by another advancing guitar player was, "Why more than one guitar?" First of all I'd have to say, well you don't need more than one guitar, really.

Some of the world's top flamenco players -you know- they have one guitar, right?

But, if you're working as a side man, or you're working on different projects, or you want to just record different things guitars have different sounds. A nylon string guitar sounds really different than a steel string acoustic guitar. A Les Paul electric guitar sounds way different than a Stratocaster or a Telecaster.

And so it's a matter of tonal things. If you're working in a country situation they want a certain twang that comes from a Telecaster or a Stratocaster. If you're working in blues it's the same thing. In Jazz, there's guitars that have that jazz sound.

And so that's why you have more than one guitar is because you're sort of ready for anything. It's an arsenal. Depending on what you can come up against, you're ready -you have the right weapon to work with.

Last modified onFriday, 11 December 2015 04:06
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