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Inspired by the Secret History of Beloved Maestros
Classical Improvisation!


"I've always loved the moods that can be set by theme music."
-Willie Oteri

Guitarist/Improvisation Artist/Sound Sculptor/Producer Willie Oteri is known for his work in Jazz, Avant Garde, Fusion and Progressive music. His projects have included the WD-41 albums, Shrunken Head Shop, and Spiral Out. He's worked with many fantastic artists including Ronan Chris Murphy, Dino J.A. Deane, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Scott Amendola, Mike Keneally, and Dave Laczko.

Oteri’s acoustic solo work is an extension of his creative improvisational nature. He finds a mesmerizing, hypnotic rythm that captivates an audience, weaving the intricate sonic fabric  of Classical, Flamenco and Jazz origins into evolutionary song. His Live Looping transports listeners with him into deep subconscious visions, and he thrives on the meditative experience of international super sessions.

Born in California, Willie Oteri has been a professional musician for over 40 years, touring the US, Europe and Japan. His recordings of Progressive Jazz and Beyond have received reviews in Jazz Times, Guitar Player, All About Jazz, Bam Magazine and others worldwide.

Bruce Stringer (Music Street Journal) keenly observes, "Whatever is in Willie Oteri's water, I think it's high time that it was poured into the two dimensional cesspool which is what some of the homogenized and pasteurized modern music industry has become today."
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