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Recordings include: (partial list)

Shrunken Head Shop - live recordings from Germany - 2013 - w - Dave Laczko, Schroeder, Sylvia Oelkrug, Jan Fitschen and Alessandro Arcuri. 

WD-41 +2 Temi Per Cinema - 2010 - w - Dave Laczko, Scott Amendola and Dino J.A Deane - Top 3 Editors Pick - Guitar Player Magazine.

WD-41 - 2009 - w - Dave Laczko - #24 Most read reviews for 2009 All About Jazz. #44 peak Most Read Reviews Overall at All About Jazz.

Spiral Out - 2003-2005 - w - Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Mike Keneally, Ronan Chris Murphy and Ephraim Owens. On DIW records.

Destroying Silence - 2006 - compilation produced and mixed by Ronan Chris Murphy - features - Willie Oteri, Anthony Curtis, Lives of the Saints, Jay Terrien, and Hypnoise. 

Jazz Gunn - 2000 - w - Brannen Temple, Chris Maresh, Ephraim Owens, Mike Malone, and Chris Tondre.

"...a skillful blend of jazz-fusion and improvisational rock...”
β€œ...chock full of instrumental wizardry..."
  -Austin Insight Magazine

Violet Crown - 2001

Perseverana - 1998

Willy's Cry - 1995

TV theme for Fast Draw aprx. 1983

Theme music for  Civil War Blues, an Austin Theater Performance

β€œAn existential experience questioning the attainability of the American dream set amidst the backdrop of a war within the United States. The work touches on many subjects such as class warfare, racism, media responsibility, love, death and free will within a world of lawlessness. Combines the use of cinematic, surrealistic and auditory elements. It is a blues song for today's hard times.”
-Theater Mania

Themes for various Japanese TV shows.

Session work with Schroeder, Cookie Marenco, Bob Seger, Violet Crown, Red Ragged Rose, Tony Levin, Mike Keneally and more.