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You Don't Have to Pay $98 for a Copy of Spiral Out

January 10, 2006

Some idiot on ebay has copies of "Spiral Out" listed as "out of print." No such thing. This scammer also is trying to get 98 bucks for a copy. The list price for the special Japan edition is only 46 bucks and most US copies are around 18. You can also get a Japan copy at DGM for around 18. Just do a search for "Willie Oteri" Spiral Out on Google and check the sites selling the CDs. Depending on your outlook this can be viewed as freedom of the seller or just plain greed. Seeing as used car dealers and Wal-Mart tend to be big flag wavers I think greed wins out here. I guess in a way I should feel honored by such high stakes as listed on ebay. Anyway, buy a copy elsewhere and enjoy.

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