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Italy to Austin and Dave Laczko

Nov. 30, 2010

Wow, it’s been a long time since I updated here using myspace and facebook to keep up and you really should look for me there and not here. Myspace is becoming a drag in many ways so why not try me at

After leaving Italy I’ve since relocated back to Austin, TX where I hooked up with Trumpet master Dave Laczko and we have released two CDs, WD-41 and WD-41+2 Temi Per Cinema. Both are doing well and we expect to tour Europe in the summer of 2011. Other than that please find me at the about site or try facebook.



Tour Dates for 2011

July 27 2011
Recording with Giko Pavan
Padova Italy

July 24 2011
Revenna Italy

July 21 2011
Portello River Film and Music Festival
Padova Italy

July 17 2011
Live Looping Festival
Florence Italy

July 16 2011
Teatro Blue
Florence Italy


Dark Matter Horns