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Looking Forward to Being Back in Our Apartment in Padua

March 15, 2006

We leave for Italy tomorrow and looking forward to being back in our apartment in Padua. It will be cold this time of year but not too. Looking forward to meeting up with all of our friends in Italy and Germany and plenty of gigs coming up.

I have a myspace site up now, that may be updated a bit more often than here so check there often for tour dates and other info. I will try to keep this site up too and the new improved site should be up and running soon with downloads of tunes some for free as a taste and singles plus complete LPs for purchase. Thanks to Sue for helping out with writing the info for both sites and to Liz Redwing, Ronan, P@ and everyone for working on "78". As you can see below it has once again been pushed back but it will be well worth the wait.


Election Time, World Cup Soccer, and More Names on the Marque

March, 7, 2006

Well, once again "78" has been moved, this time to July or September with September in the lead. Two main reasons for this, one is that June is election time in Italy and also time of world cup soccer so you can imagine what most Italians will be doing. The second reason is we will have more to work with and more names on the marque which will be wonderful. More info as it comes in.

I head back to Italy on March 16th with upcoming shows in June and July. See Tour Dates for more information.

Stay tuned, Willie


78 Hour Long Jam in Italy Scheduled in the Largest Castle in Italy!

Feb, 6, 2006

"78" the 78 hour long jam in Italy was scheduled for April but is now moving to June in the largest castle in Italy! We should know more in a few days or so and I will post it here. So far it looks like a great lineup and a fantastic venue.

Speaking of raising money for things I really want to do a follow up to Spiral Out with Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto and include Markus Reuter and Schroeder and maybe Mike Keneally. Sort of a super duper double trio. Anyone have a few grand to invest? :-)


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