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You Don't Have to Pay $98 for a Copy of Spiral Out

January 10, 2006

Some idiot on ebay has copies of "Spiral Out" listed as "out of print." No such thing. This scammer also is trying to get 98 bucks for a copy. The list price for the special Japan edition is only 46 bucks and most US copies are around 18. You can also get a Japan copy at DGM for around 18. Just do a search for "Willie Oteri" Spiral Out on Google and check the sites selling the CDs. Depending on your outlook this can be viewed as freedom of the seller or just plain greed. Seeing as used car dealers and Wal-Mart tend to be big flag wavers I think greed wins out here. I guess in a way I should feel honored by such high stakes as listed on ebay. Anyway, buy a copy elsewhere and enjoy.


Packing For Italy and Who Else Wants to Sell Spiral Out?

March 10. 2004

Packing for Italy and beyond. Trying to dummy proof road cases for gear but in minimum wage amerika it is getting harder and harder to do. As we mentioned before DGM has sold out of "Spiral Out" as have many other stores and we have just been informed that it will take until April to get more stock from Japan. Me thinks the label was asleep at the wheel on this one. Please go to the CD info page to find other possible outlets. BTW "Spiral Out" is available for license in the states and the EU if you are in that part of the biz and want to help out.


Spiral Out is Sold Out

March 4, 2005

Had a nice lunch with my brother today here in Arizona. Thanks me bro. We have been informed that DGM has sold out of "Spiral Out" but we should have more for ya in a week or so. Thanks to all those who made the purchase and by doing so have helped to support small business and indie music.


Spiral Out is Out!

February 10, 2005

We are happy to announce that DGM / InnerKnot is stocking "Spiral Out". This is the best price you can find on the Japanese Import version of the CD, which sounds great, and perhaps the nicest people to buy from. visit them at A special thanks to Bill and Amy for helping put it all together.

We are getting ready to head back to Italy where Ronan Chris Murphy and I will be working on the next CD which will also feature P@ Mastelotto and Tony Levin.

Besides the CD I will be doing some shows with the band East Rodeo, some sit ins with a Zappa tribute band and some guitar duets. I should have the show dates finalized in the next few weeks. Check "tour dates" in a few weeks to see what is up. Things move a little slower over there.

Take care,



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