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WD-41 and Hans Bauer!

April 13 2013

Cool gig! WD-41, will be providing the music for this event in Austin on Saturday the 20th from 2:pm till ?
Drop on by and see works from some great artists while you listen to WD-41. What could be better? ;)
Beginning April 20th at Galerie Son Altesse and in conjunction with the South First Street Art Walk, it's coming... from fantasy worlds beyond imagining, where the people in these images, " not speak English, French, Chinese or any other known language... their maker has travelled to a parallel universe and brought back pictures..." -- the fantastic images of Austrian-born artist Hans Bauer!


Live Painting Show at Galerie Son Altesse and Upcoming SXSW at Kenny Dorham's Backyard

February 25, 2013

I had a great time with Dave Lazko performing as WD-41 at the live painting show at Galerie Son Altesse in Austin last Saturday. Thanks to Ricardo Acevedo and Michale from the gallery.

Our next WD-41 show will be that the Diverse Arts Back Yard Music Festival during SXSW on March 16. Kenny Dorham's Backyard on east 11th Street in Austin. It's part of a three day event and Saturday will be mostly all day. I belive we go on at 5:pm so don't be late. Sets will be short maybe 45 min.


Dark Matter Horns