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We All Rehearse, Just Not Always Together

Feb 3. 2006

Well, let's see, what's new? It's official, the new super trio Oteri, Rueter and Schroeder now known as "Box 'o Rocks" is ready and looking for venues to perform our sculptures of air. Keep an eye out. Not sure if we are going to put up a separate site as yet. I thought about myspace but it seems like myspace is not really the place somehow. No two shows will be alike and we plan on recording as early as April. Live show recording that is. Here is an interesting bit. The other nite we were at a cafe joking about not rehearsing and just jumping in and doing shows and some guy comments, "You won't be doing many shows then". I guess he needs to do more homework. I would start with a dictionary and look up jazz, jam session and improvisation then move to '70s era Miles Davis and move on to Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey who do about 200 shows a year. I have already done several shows this way and all very well received. I guess a lot of people can't think beyond formal education. Is that thinking? Look, we all rehearse, just not always together. :-)
More soon - Willie


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