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But This Time in New Orleans

November 14, 2005

Been awhile since my last update but not a lot to report until now. Gearing up for more shows including talks about an extended jam like 33 1/3 and 45 hour shows but this time in New Orleans. More as it develops. Also, the River film fest will be in June and July this year in Padua Italy and I will take part in that plus shows around that time in Germany as well and hoping to do some with Markus Reuter. Oh, and of course the mighty "78" hour jam in Padua this April. We plan on heading to Italy in February unless the New Orleans show is around that time. We shall see. More soon.

Love and kisses.


Good News from New Orleans

Sept. 12, 2005

Just found out that one of our friends from New Orleans is OK and made it to Texas with family and will be going to stay in MO for a bit. He saw his house on video and it appears that only the bottom floor was flooded. We are talking about helping to welcome back the music of New Orleans with a marathon jam like 45 when it is possible. Latest reports show that the French Quarter and surrounding areas might be open in 3 or 4 months. Let's hope so. This is a wonderful town.

45 B-Side is in full swing for Oct. 9,10,11 in Italy with special guests Pat Mastelotto, Ronan Chris Murphy, P. Mike III, Schroeder, TL and many more. See for more information.


Haven't Heard From Friends in New Orleans

Sept. 7, 2005

It has been some time since we updated the news last and much is going on getting ready for 45 B-Side in Italy and a couple of shows in Germany but for now I must ask that we all take a bit of time out to help with victims of disasters and war around the world and here at home. I have a few friends in New Orleans that have not been heard from for many days. We are searching the net and doing what we can by email and such but all we can do is wait. Tommy if you are by any chance checking here please write us and let us know how you are.


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