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Italy gigs for September and October 2017

I will be in Italy starting September 26 though October 10 for recording and various show dates with Soul/Funk singer Bobby Soul. Very much looking forward to these shows as well as a Super Jam, many hours non stop of improvisation for the master of it all Birthday, Christopher (Chris) Boulet on September 28 at Parco Fistomba in Padova. Many very special guests to be announced soon. 


Gigs and Recording in Italy - Fall 2017

I'll be heading to Italy again this Fall for to do some recording of flute with singer Bobby Soul in Genoa. Hopefully a few gigs with same. Then around September 28 for a countless hours improvisation jam session by the man who started it all Chris Boulet. Hopefully we will be including producer Ronan Chris Murphy for this one as he will be in the area teaching a seminar. It will also be Chris' birthday so this one should be extra fun. More info as it comes in. Meanwhile, if you are in the Austin area we are still doing our improv shows and jams Jazz OUTside at Kenny Dorham's Backyard every fourth Thursday of the month. I think September or October will the the last for this years series. weather permitting. 


and so it goes

June 22, 2017

Getting my mind in the right space for a gig tonight at Kenny Dorham's Backyard in Austin.

It's been a bit of time since I last posted any news. Things are moving along, just returned from another wonderful trip to Italy performing some great soul and R&B with Bobby Soul. Speaking of Italy, my first meeting about immigrating to Italy will be July 13 at the Italian Council in Houston, one can only guess at how this may go but I will keep you up to date as it moves along.

Did I mention I'm back to playing flute and focusing on flute and tenor sax, still playing guitar but not much unless called for as for my own enjoyment I am really digging flute and sax gigs these days.

Thinking back on my many years, 47 years ago was my first paid gig, a bit of a snag, about 10 years away from music due to unforeseen circumstances but it's been a blast since.

If all goes as planned I will be back in Italy for some gigs and recording in September or October.


Classical Improvisation

Classical Improvisation?
Yep, you read that right, musicians have always improvised but once upon a time Classical musicians were not only improvising but performing improvised pieces live. Mozart often improvised live.

Let's set the Wayback Machine for the 9th century, yep, Medieval period, perhaps not the best of times but musicians were improvising then and often from conductors and composers instructed to do so. Singers of the time were exploring in a style of chant called organum.

Now let's move the Wayback Machine forward to the Renaissance period which according to many historians the invention of printed music lead to published instruction manuals on improvisation, mostly in Italy. Singers and instrumentalists of this period would regularly improvise embellishments of melodies over various chord patterns.

Now let's move forward to the Baroque Period. Which when listened to today seems the the most structured of Classical music but at one time quite the opposite may have been true. While many historians will argue that in the period improvisation was more about minor embellishments to written pieces there is evidence to the contrary. Being a musician I am sure there was quite a bit of improvisation happening but perhaps not being performed in the major concert halls and opera houses of the time.

Modern day: Classical Improvisation may seem like a lost art but there is a growing number of classically trained musicians out there who are experimenting. For example, check out works by Thollem McDonas and his many collaborations.

To read more about the history of Classical Improvisation simply Google the term.



Home is in Italy

Oct. 25, 2006

Heading back to my second home in Italy tomorrow. No I am not rich. In fact it is getting tight for most musicians these days. Long story. Anyway keep an eye out for shows in Europe. Check for latest info on tours and such.
I have been spending a lot of time gathering documents of my Italian ancestors to apply for dual citizenship in Italy. If you ever want to know what is worse than trying to register a license of and expired numbered car in California just talk to me. Better still, just take a hammer and hit yourself on the foot really hard. It will feel better.

The worst part of this whole mess is that supposed experts in the US and Italy are mostly full of shit. Just like divorce lawyers, they take your money and give you at best incomplete information or completely incorrect information. Believe me, if I had to do this all over again I would have done it all myself and even though it would still have taken the years it has, 3 to 5, it at least would not have been longer and If any of you need to go through this type of thing write me and I can give you all I have learned.

Stay loose and free kids,


Willy's Cry in Italy

January 6, 2006

Well, things are moving along at their own time as always. Anyway there are good things brewing including the River Film Festival in Italy in June and "78" in April (see tour dates). Also, I will be doing some shows as Willy's Cry in Italy, sort of a flash to the past of my blues rock days. I can hear the prog and jazz snobs now but they don't pay my rent. You want more progressive stuff then support it more. OK, now back to the biz at hand and a bit of jolly for you prog types. Markus Reuter (Centrozoon, Europa String Choir) Schroeder and yours truly will be doing a trio thing for shows in Germany and other parts of the EU. We plan on recording in April. Hope you all are having a good new year so far and let it be not as much of a wash as predicted. In other words get off your ass and do something to help. Buy a CD instead of stealing it, write to your local music venues and demand better music or dump your giant car or at least use it to run over a politician.

Ciao for now kids. Willie


A Tentative Lineup That Would be Great if Even Half Showed Up

October 24. 2005

Just got back from Italy and Germany and recovering from a slight cold not to mention the great times in Europe. 45 B-Side in Padua was a great success and a good time by all. The show at Cafe Cairo in Wurzburg was small but mighty and we had Markus Reuter filling in the bass slot and a lot more on Warr guitar. The 78 hour jam is booked for late April with a tentative lineup that would be great if even half showed up. Also I have tentative dates for festivals in Germany and Italy for June and July. I will write on all the events in more detail here soon.


Back in the States and Looking Forward to the B-Side of 45

July 2, 2005

Just getting back to the feeling and vibes of the States. Not easy and here in Tempe it is damn hot just to top it off!!! I am working on a potential live recording in LA and looking for any projects as producer or guitarist that any of you may have. I will be back in Europe in October for gigs in Germany and Italy including the B-Side of 45.

More soon,



Italy to Austin and Dave Laczko

Nov. 30, 2010

Wow, it’s been a long time since I updated here using myspace and facebook to keep up and you really should look for me there and not here. Myspace is becoming a drag in many ways so why not try me at

After leaving Italy I’ve since relocated back to Austin, TX where I hooked up with Trumpet master Dave Laczko and we have released two CDs, WD-41 and WD-41+2 Temi Per Cinema. Both are doing well and we expect to tour Europe in the summer of 2011. Other than that please find me at the about site or try facebook.



Dark Matter Horns